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The Grand Unslam

also known as The Chaos Slam, The Grand Sham

A Grand Slam so powerful, it broke spacetime and let the team steal an entire game.

The results of the Interviews decree, which includes the annihilation of Los Angeles as a rift in space time was torn over the city and connected the infinity of timelines

It was the longest game in Blaseball history. Top of the fifteenth, tied for three innings with the Los Angeles Tacos at 13-13. The game had been going for a record-breaking fifty two minutes. The Thieves had two outs. In a classic two-out rally, the team got the score up to 16-13 and the bases loaded. At fifty four minutes, Morrow Doyle stepped up to bat.

The sound was deafening. The uncontrollable crowd, screaming in disbelief and joy, were drowned out by the explosive roar of Doc MD's bat hitting the ball. The vibrations from the collision rippled through the stadium as all the bases and Doc themself ran to fourth in a miraculous grand slam.

The Shoe Thieves fans were going wild. The Tacos fans couldn't believe what had just happened. Then the feed started to behave strangely; it started to freeze. Plays were missed. No one saw the Thieves third out, but everyone was still too excited about the slam to notice.

At fifty five minutes... it changed. The ripples from Doyle's Unslam had spread through all of blaseball and began The Unravelling. Time jumped backwards. It was once again the top of the 15th. Stu Trololol had once again just hit a triple for two points, bringing the score to 16-13. No one understood what was going on.

At fifty five minutes, the game stopped. Blaseball stopped. The Commissioner quickly declared a siesta, but it soon became obvious: even the Commissioner didn't know what was going on. Time went on for the fans, waiting, and blaseball returned - right after Stu's triple. The Grand Unslam had fractured time, repeating the end of the game again for another win. Both the Shoe Thieves and the Tacos have an extra game in their standings, evidence that the end of the game did, in fact, happen twice.

Some say that this was Matteo Prestige's last big trick, and that their delacing was the set-up for this: The Ultimate Prestige. Only time will tell... if time can recover.

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